Course Description: Students will engage in activities that will enable them to identify their leadership strengths and weaknesses, analyze leadership gaps, and evaluate strategies for closing the gaps between a current leader and a leader of the future.

Course Structure: Participate online to complete interactive exercises. 

Objectives: This course should deepen your knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of leadership and prepare you to: 

  • State the main characteristics of leadership and why you think they are important.

  • Identify leadership strengths and weaknesses and what gaps may exist.

  • Critically think about how to respond in different scenarios and how your decision impacts the outcome.

Before the course: 

  • Group chats will be enabled between the students and teacher. Ask your questions in the group chat! 

  • Quick Write: Students will be asked to write in one sentence what qualities make a great leader. 

  • Leadership Style Quiz : Answer these brief questions to explore your leadership style.